Agenda 2021

  • :: AGILE LEADERSHIP: Strategic shift in business of managing risks, survival ad success in uncertain markets and future of jewellery business
  • :: 2021-2030 A DECADE OF HOME: How will Jewellery consumption trends transform in the future
  • :: MANDATORY HALLMARKING: How will a uniform quality standards and HUID transform business opportunities for Jewellers?
  • :: FROM FOOTFALL TO FINGERFALLS: How will customer expectations and convenience rule retail in the coming decade?
  • :: DRIVING EXPERIENCE DRIVEN ONLINE RETAIL: Building neew solutions for recreating the magic of interactive retail selling
  • :: SUPERCHARGING EMPLOYEES FOR CHANGE MANAGMENT: how to forster a ‘High Skill and High Will’ and ‘No boundary learning’ approach?
  • :: DECODING THE GREAT INDIAN BRIDAL MARKET: Understanding the changing nuances of bridal market in the post covid era

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