SGL is the first International Gemmological Laboratory in the United Kingdom to specialise in certifying diamonds and diamond studded jewellery and to offer Mobile Laboratory services all over the country. Continuing its expansion in the global market London based SGL has announced the launch of its new Lab in New York, at the International Gem Towers. It is SGL’s 15th Lab on its global charter.

SGL aims to continue to provide reliable and standard gemmological evaluation for diamonds an coloured stones through its 15 laboratories located in several countries around the globe. SGL certifies each diamond with thorough detail supported by the latest technology and vast gemmological expertise of a highly qualified team.

Associalte Partner

Ithra Dubai

Ithra Dubai is Dubai’s powerhouse landowner, developer and operator with a large portfolio of pioneering real estate projects locally and in main international markets.

Wholly owned by Investment Corporation of Dubai (ICD), the Company is a key dynamic contributor to the ongoing enrichment and strategic development of the emirate with state-of-the-art infrastructure and architecture and a focus on providing real estate solutions that work for the mix of communities in the emirate.

Ithra Dubai develops and manages mixed-used projects on an ambitious scale incorporating world-class retail, commercial, residential, and leisure schemes that create value for their communities.

Amongst its showcase developments in One Zaabeel, the iconic addition in Dubai’s skyline that evokes duality through the distinctive design of its two towers. One Zaabeel pushes the limits of designs and engineering with its twin skyscrapers standing at 300 meters respectively and rising over a total built-up area of 470,700 square meters, “THE LINK,” a panoramic sky concourse of epic scale and design, is suspended perpendicularly to both towers at a height of around 100 meters. “THE LINK”, will be remembered for housing the world’s largest cantilever, providing unmatched immersive experiences and for connoting a distinctive lifestyle destination.

eJohri is an omnichannel jewellery marketplace dedicated exclusively to the online-offline jewellery shopping. A pioneer in this segment, it is an online facilitator between jewellers and customers and offers a wide range of designs, from some of the most reputed jewellers in India. It brings jewellers from across India on a common platform to market their brand and showcase their products to a wider customer base in India and NRI markets.

eJOHRI enables customers to browse and buy products online and also provides a ‘Try & Buy’ option by booking appointment with the jeweller at their convenience. eJOHRI currently has over 125+ jewellers across 100 cities in India.

When it comes to jewellery business, Suntech are not the decision makers, They are the Precision Makers.
Jewellery business is about craftsmanship. Every facet has to be perfected to details before the final appearance. Inspired by the dexterity of this art, Sunctech is creating an ecosystem which is designed and developed to meet all the requirements of Jewellery industry. While the decision of the business remains solely in your hands, Suntech provides you the perfect mix of solutions to make
one. Enhance the performance of your core business with timely and insightful perspectives created to meet all requirements of Gold and Diamond Industry including Wholesale, Retail, Manufacturing, Refinery and Bullion. Leverage Suntech’s packaged solutions to manage your critical data and streamline all processes to sculpt a better future for your business.

Suntech’s Customers
For a jewel to sparkle bright, precision in its cuts is of utmost importance. Rooted in belief and equipped with technology expertise, at Suntech we are committed to provide relevant business solutions to the Jewellery Industry. 
Suntech has over the last 14 years, worked with more than 400 gems and jewellery organizations – across 20+ countries & 6 languages (English, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Chinese and Farsi) – for their packaged ERP software. Our customers are across the spectrum from single shop to multi-branch, multi-country, multi-lingual, etc.

Suntech Solutions
Leveraging years of domain experience in the Gems & Jewellery industry, and constantly listening to the customer demands, Suntech has invested in technology capabilities to help deliver the various aspects of the Digital Transformation Journey.

Operational Technology
The ERP solutions includes operational functionality for all the micro-verticals of the industry including Retail / Wholesale / Manufacturing across Metal Jewellery (Gold, Silver, Palladium, etc.), Diamond Jewellery, Semi-precious & precious stone trading, and watches. Suntech also specializes modules
for Bullion, Refinery, Lab Testing, et al.

Marketing Technology
Suntech has invested in 2 companies (Eywa Media, Singapore & AugPlat Technologies, Bangalore) so that they can leverage the emerging digital technologies on the Marketing side to Engage with the Target Audience across the Customer Journey. This is in line with the significant change that is
inevitable with the advent of the millennials as the next wave of consumers. Suntech is working with the investee companies to fine tune their functionalities for the gems & jewellery vertical.
Suntech is also partnered with a US based organization – Virtual Diamond Boutique (VDB). They are best in class for their ability to help jewellery organizations for setting up the E-Commerce aspect of the business. They provide this across both web and mobile app. Suntech is developing integrations between the e-commerce & marketing technologies for creating a unique integrated capability for enabling a seamless Customer Experience.

Suntech is building the first ever comprehensive Analytics platform, in collaboration with a US based company – SIGNUM Solutions Inc., that is geared to work only for the Gems & Jewellery Industry across the various elements of Business Intelligence and Data Science – to enable the creation of a Data-driven Jewellery Organization.

Management Team
At Suntech management, the team of professionals are passionate about delivering business value in the Jewellery Industry. There is a continuous drive to incorporate system driven internal controls to ensure transaction data accuracy which leads to providing the right information to business owners for making informed decisions.

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