GSI (Gemological Science International)

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GSI (Gemological Science International) is an independent gemological organization. GSI is currently one of the world’s largest gemological institutions with offices in the USA, India, Belgium, Botswana and Middle East.
GSI’s goal is to make gem lab services as reliable and convenient as possible for leading companies in the gem and jewelry trade. With its professional education, gemological research, gemstone identification and grading services GSI delivers confidence and peace of mind to jewelry consumers worldwide.

GSI (Gemological Science International) is a US-based research, gem-testing and education organization with a global footprint. GSI steadily established trust and confidence in its clients; it also expanded the scope of its operations to include research into issues like gemstone and diamond treatments and enhancements, synthetics and detection. With extensive operations on four continents – North America, Europe, Asia and Africa – GSI provide a range of consumer-friendly grading reports and value-added services such as laser inscription, online verification, mobile lab, brand support and many more. It also responded to a clear industry need for gemological education. Today, GSI is a comprehensive organization with a worldwide presence that ensures the global gem and jewelry industry’s integrity and generates consumer confidence by bringing to bear its cutting edge technology used by the most qualified and experienced personnel anywhere in the world.

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