VDB – Online Retail Solution Partner


Welcome to the future of the jewellery business, where a revolutionary new way to buy and sell is now in your hands. Virtual Diamond Boutique is NEW, simple and here to help you transact seamlessly: In the office. At the store. ON THE GO.

VDB, a visually-based app platform, has a selection of 750,000 Diamonds and 40,000 Colored Gemstones and Jewellery from suppliers worldwide, allowing users to carry all the world’s inventory anywhere and everywhere. Currently home to more than 12,000 users, this 3-year-old platform has 4 offices across the globe and is expanding.

In-app messaging and the ability to make and check on requests right from the platform enables a 24/7 connection between the buyer and seller. With interactive, easy-to-use search tools, VDB creates a seamless combination of expertise and selection for every facet of the industry.

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