Prism Packaging

Digital Partner

“Being Independent" is life for the Founder & Creative of Prism – Shital Sajan

It gives her the opportunity to "Self-learn" and It re-assures her everytime with “Self-belief”

Journey so far; A Decade+ in this journey with her beautiful team, who are a family to her. She is happy to be contributing to communities and making them independent in their life alongside with her.

Prism’s Areas of Focus:

  • Image Builder: Prism is an am image builder & as a brand has the responsibility to present the “masterpiece” Jewellery inside, with Grace.
  • Ethical Practises: Prism does not work with the Tata’s, but have a Tata Loyal at home. The goodness and ideologies learned has been the bedrock for their existence in this industry.
  • Innovation: This is keeping Prism "Stay Relevant". Prism will never stop innovating.
  • Customer FIRST: Prism lives their customer’s business. They believe in partnership and accountability for what they commit and deliver.
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