Company Overview
We follow a simple mantra.
Listen, Understand and Create.
All good things take time to emerge so did we! We are an app development and innovative web works agency with a young and fresh approach. Our strength lies in offering creative solutions to help brands and businesses to communicate and grow.
We work as a team to create a WOW, yet usable design to inspire the right target audience. Started early as a home based business now in a full-fledged corporate attire. We enable clients globally to outperform the competition and stay ahead of the innovation curve targeting one industry at a time.

With over 200% YOY increment in gross valuation since inception in 2005, we provide innovative solutions to enterprises with insights on what lies ahead.

The Triologic Story
Triologic was founded on the core principle of building and implementing innovative ideas to transform peoples lives and businesses.
Triologic initial step was a casual 3 friends entrepreneur debut, initiated with the passion to create innovative products for the Indian market. Since 2010, Mr. Yash Shah continued this journey to capitalize opportunities and gain traction in 3 selective industries – Jewellery, Real Estate and Education. From the beginning, the company was founded on the core principle of building and implementing innovative ideas to transform peoples lives and businesses. For almost a decade, we have been a company focused on bringing meaningful value to businesses worldwide.

Together the company’s co-founders in the early years identified significant opportunity in the service space for small and medium size business owners in the domain of web and software technology. Going through rapid business and technology changes Triologic under the sole leadership of Mr. Yash Shah expanded its horizons to interactive, media, games and e-learning. Working with and alongside best in the industry, by the year 2013 Triologic was a known name in outsourced service space for Web and Software Technology.

Pivoting and expanding even further, Triologic started its custom app development business in 2013 making custom enterprise and commercial apps for Indian and overseas clients, adding a 3rd division to the company. Our founder Mr. Yash Shah has been testing waters in the Jewellery industry since early 2011. The passion and deep understanding of the Jewellery industry exploded for Triologic in 2014, when JewelFlow PRO was marketed. JewelFlow PRO being the first product of Triologic designed in early 2011 and promoted in 2014 has been a game changer in the Gems & Jewellery Industry. Via strategic alliances, Triologic with JewelFlow PRO has manifested numerous opportunities in the Gems & Jewellery Industry.

Starting from humble beginnings at home, to a small 4 people office space. Triologic is now a 24 people strong company with a uber luxurious office in Mumbai and regional offices in Delhi & Ahmedabad.
All good things take time and so did we, sustainable growth in the early years is now our fuel to grow rapidly.

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