Intriguity has been implementing solutions in the jewellery industry since 2008. Our offerings include jewellery photography solutions from Orbitvu – Alphashot Micro & 3D Printers from Solidscape Inc, USA.  We have a strong technical team to implement these solutions and provide technical support.

Alphashot Micro has unique features such as automatic background removal, focus staking, 360 degree interactive presentations and cylindrical lighting system with 27000 lumens of high quality LED lighting to create amazing packshots and videos.

Solidscape 3D printers offer the highest precision in the industry offering master models directly in wax with features like dissolvable support, automated support generation and best quality models in terms of accuracy and surface finish.


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 Intriguity, 101, Jayshree Akshaya, IC Colony, Borivali W, Mumbai – 400103.

Tel : 022-28936476/9833885929  Email :  

Contact Person : Vikrant Rawa   Website :



 Jewellery retailers will have to adopt an omnichannel approach to drive customers to their brand which would require them to generate high-quality images of their jewellery. This requirement necessitates them to have a solution for jewellery photography in-house which can create professional content with little know-how. Our vision is to provide a comprehensive, easy to use & professional in-house solution for jewellery photography for jewellery retailers across India.

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