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OUR COMPANY or ILD is India’s first B2B2C Digital brand specializingin Lightweight & Lifestyle Diamond Jewellery. Founded with a passion of being part of the Digital Revolution & Internet Retailing, we partner with Retailers who are equally passionate to see
their Brand Future –Ready.

Our Mission: We are creating a consortium of Premium Retailers, servicing them with exclusive Lightweight & Lifestyle Products packaged
with a World Class Digital Marketing Kit & an Omni Channel ready Technology Platform. With the changing retail landscape of our jewellery market accelerated due to many factors such as growing millennials and high popularity of the Internet, Growing Digitalization of the National Brands, among others, adapting to change is the rule of the game. India’s Demography is getting Younger & Digital, its imperative for Retailers to have strong Digital presence to retain the relevance of their Brand among the future – younger- digitally accessible consumers.

As your Digital Partner, we would service all participating retailers in the Digital Marketing Process & make your marketing spends more efficient.

“The Main Thing is to keep the Main Thing the Main Thing”


“In today’s Retail Marketing, More is less”

ILD operates and manages an integrated business model – right from procurement of diamonds to design through production and distribution, are being done in-house with our team of experts in each field. We also have onboard Entrepreneurs as our Partners, who specialize in the field of Technology & Digital Marketing. This means that we are sure that each creation at ILD is designed, crafted and distributed adhering to high standards as well as strict quality measures. The highest standards have also been maintained on our Tech
platform & we craft a world-class marketing kit in-house, which gives our package a premium touch unmatched in the Industry.

“We help Winners, Win More”

Pankaj Chetan || Founder-CEO
Mob: +91 98840 78111
Rajesh Jain || B2B Partner
Mob: +9198202 36181 E:

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