IFtoSI.com is a precious jewellery startup launched at the GJF (Gem and Jewellery Federation) event on 5th August 2016 at Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.

Buy jewellery from your favourite jeweller. Browse through his stock, identify the design that captivates you the most, reserve jewellery real time, take a leisurely stroll to the store and complete the transaction.

Imagined as the world’s largest jewellery discovery destination; IFtoSI is the first jewellery platform for B2B, B2C & O2O. Think best of breed jewellers. Choose from gold, diamond and platinum jewellery. Solitaires and gems from source. Unbeatable array of designs that are hallmarked and certified. Add free knowledge and advice that’ll help make an informed jewellery buying decision.

The platform attempts to provide a marketplace for jewellers to list their products and for buyers, the first-of-its-kind online to offline (O2O) model. IFtoSI offers a never-before opportunity to select from the widest range of products from the most reputable diamond dealers, jewellery retailers and bullion merchants in the country.

Jewellers, courtesy IFtoSI, can now display their designs to jewellery customers from India and across the world. Manage inventory on an everyday basis and interact directly with buyers. Excusing middle men and commissions.

Derived from grading terminology to measure diamond clarity, ‘Internally Flawless’ to ‘Slight Inclusions’, IFtoSI is driven by the values of unmatched pricing, unmatched quality and unmatched choice.

While competitive pricing is achieved by connecting the end user with the manufacturer or importer, quality assurance is ascertained by the most stringent vendor selection procedure. Availability and choice is guaranteed by the comprehensive assortment of retailers. Jewellers are carefully scrutinized for legitimacy of business, quality of products and service to customers.

IFtoSI.com addresses certain pain points for buyers within India as well as abroad. The website helps in saving a huge amount of time for the prospective buyers who are sourcing to buy jewellery for any occasion.

All jewellers / diamond merchants registered on IFtoSI are certified and trusted jewellers of India who are offering their best designs and world class service.

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