GSI Retail Jeweller India Forum 2016 (Experts-led Growth)

The GSI Retail Jeweller India Forum 2016 (RJIF), in its second edition, offered jewellers the information and insights they need to begin to orient themselves for success in the changing retail environment — including how best to meet the requirements of the challenging new-age consumer. The jewellery retail sector in India is projected to double […]

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The New Marketing Reality

Anita Kotwani, Leader, Client Leadership, Mindshare West At the GSI Retail Jeweller India Forum (RJIF) 2016, the opening presentation was titled “The New Marketing Reality”. Speaker Anita Kotwani, leader, client leadership, Mindshare West, offered acute insights and critical perspective drawn from experience and data. The audience of retail leaders was spellbound. Luxury consumers: who and […]

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India’s luxury decade (Understanding the new Indian luxury)

Understanding the new Indian luxury consumer and capturing the luxury rupee Gaurav Bhatia, Founder & CEO Gaurav Bhatia– A Luxury Advisory Cell Let us end the commoditisation of jewellery, said Gaurav Bhatia, cutting right to the chase. Consumer perceptions and the retail landscape have evolved over the last 10 years, he pointed out. It is […]

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Build Your Business with Google: Be found

 Debraj Gupta, Manager, New Business Sales, Google What is that one idea that will transform your business? What particular moonshot will help you grow 10 times?’ Challenge yourself by setting targets that defy your usual projections, said Debraj Gupta of the Internet search giant at RJIF 2016. In his presentation, ‘Build Your Business with Google’, […]

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Business Mantras For Higher Profitability: Managing The Change

A Shivaram, Founder, Retail Gurukul When an FM radio channel in Chennai starts broadcasting Bollywood Hindi film songs all day long instead of Tamil melodies, people are naturally surprised. But, as retail training expert A Shivaram pointed out, what the change really signals is a significant shift in consumer sensibilities that no smart marketer can […]

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Trends in omni-channel retailing:

What does it mean to go omni-channel, as a retail jeweller? How to do this? What are the upsides, the potential pitfalls? Nobody can answer these questions better than the brains trust for this highly anticipated panel discussion. Here are some glimpses of a wealth of practical insight. The prime attraction at RJIF 2016 was […]

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Sanjeev Agarwal


The gems and jewellery industry has been growing at an incredible pace. From a Rs. 17000-crore industry 10 years back, it has grown to Rs. 250,000-crore industry. The most interesting aspect of the growth story is the rising market share of organized retail players. The market share which was less than 7% a few years […]

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Partner – Speak (Gemological Science International (GSI) )

Gemological Science International (GSI) established in 2005 in New York is one of the largest gemological laboratories in the world. From the day one, when GSI opened its door in New York, we are committed to maintaining the same highest standards in our offices worldwide. GSI’s commitment has always been to meet the clients’ demand […]

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