Accelerating Knowledge – Focused Growth


As our industry gears up for new possibilities and a new phase of growth, we have come to realise that it is knowledge — knowledge across the spectrum — that determines which players are likely to have a greater share in the future.

This premiere edition of the Trendsetters Retail Jeweller India Summit included the first ever knowledge convention for the Indian jewellery retail industry. “Trendsetting Business and Design Ideas for Jewellers for Tomorrow” was a day-long series of panel discussions and presentations designed to explore how the current knowledge gap is being and should be filled.

On the panels were leading names from the industry, and professionals of proven track record. The audience was a select group comprising forward-thinking jewellers from across the country. Put together, these leaders were an incomparable brains trust, one the guests and delegates could not get enough of.

The Summit, which was conceptualised as five informative panel discussions and two sharp presentations, was held at the Trident in Bandra Kurla Complex, Mumbai’s key business district.

The panel discussions offered in-depth perspective on topics like attracting private equity, leveraging social media, the advantages of designer-retailer collaboration, e-tailing, and the current state of the industry. The participants threw light on the importance of superior merchandising, people management strategy, and the role of technology and software in retail. New-age jewellers got the insiders’ view of new-age business practices.

Such was the quality of discussion that each session generated ample takeaways, which made the Summit that much more impactful.

“This summit is the platform for jewellers who are seeking avenues for future growth to share their thoughts

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and gain fresh perspective on various aspects of the business,” said Soma Bhatta, editor, The Retail Jeweller, in her opening remarks. “As a magazine, we have been in the knowledge space for more than a decade. With Trendsetters Retail Jeweller India Summit 2015, we have expanded our role to a wider forum. I am confident that, over the years, Trendsetters Retail Jeweller India Summit 2015 will emerge as THE knowledge forum for our $30 billion gems and jewellery industry.”


With its focus on strong content and positive intent, and its aim of providing the most effective forum for fruitful interaction and the sharing of insights, the Summit positions itself firmly in the knowledge space. Networking opportunities on the sidelines of the Summit — a valuable benefit — are helping to spread the message of knowledge-led growth and transformation throughout the country and industry.


This edition of The Retail Jeweller contains our special coverage of this landmark event. We present the essence of the Summit so that its learning effects can ripple outward to the largest possible audience in our industry. We trust that the discussions that result will bring a fresh perspective to the business and add momentum to its ongoing transformation.

The Trendsetters Retail Jeweller India Summit will be back again next year, to engage you all once more in discussion that is thought-provoking as well as profitable.